We’re pleased to announce that Ella Walding was selected as the Woking parliamentary candidate earlier this week.

You can support here campaign through our crowdfunder here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/support-the-green-party-candidate-for-woki…

You can also read Ella’s full statement below;
My name is Ella Walding and I am standing as a Green Party Candidate in Woking because I believe radical change is needed if we are to protect the Earth and the people and other species that live on it.

I can no longer tolerate the lip service paid to the climate emergency by those in power and the levels of inequality our politicians are imposing.

We need to disrupt the system and make something better and bolder, where people are happy and cared for and where planet-friendly choices are at the centre of everything we do.

I believe that the Green Party is the only party with a radical enough agenda to deliver this change. I want the people of Woking to have the chance to vote Green, so we can create a community that people feel proud to live in.


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  1. Interested to read about air quality sensors being deployed in Woking. Mai comment that Council plans are to force a new access to Days aggregate yard via York road and Bradfield Close. This means 200 HGV movements every day through a dense area of housing. Can we not take the yard out of the town and reduce the risk to health and safety of residents. Which comes first an aggregate yard a developers profits or residents health and safety.

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