Jennifer Mason, standing up for residents and our environment

Woking Green Party is proud to announce that Jennifer Mason is the first of its candidates for the local elections in May 2022. Jennifer will be standing in the area known as Heathlands, which covers Hook Heath, Brookwood, Barnsbury, Mayford, Sutton Green and Fox Corner.

A long-time resident of Woking, Jennifer has lived here for 14 years. Jennifer’s main concern and focus is the environmental issues we face on a global level and this is primarily what has drawn her to politics. However, as a resident of Woking she is also concerned that the over-development in the town centre will not only change the character of the town but will also cause the sorts of problems that come with over-population, as well as putting additional stress on our already struggling services, such as schools, doctors and dentists.

As someone who is concerned about our local community, Jennifer works for an environmental charity committed to conservation of our local environment. Jennifer is a very passionate member of our community and she has brought that energy and enthusiasm to her work within the Green Party: she has taken a central role in our efforts to understand the needs of the local community through a recent questionnaire that was delivered to over 7000 residents of Heathlands. Following on from that she has been engaging with local community groups to see what we can do to help them with their plights, the most recent of which was the Mount Hermon Action Group, setting up a petition to assist in their current battle against the council and personally delivering flyers. In conjunction with Surrey University, Jennifer has taken part in setting up a pollution monitoring network across Woking, so that we can report our findings to Woking council, enabling better town planning for future generations.

We are glad to have her on board and hope that residents will be as impressed with her work and commitment to the local area as we are.

“As we emerge into a brighter future for our community it is essential that council representatives know which issues really matter to residents”

Jennifer Mason – from surveys of local residents


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