John Bond is a family man who has lived locally for almost 40 years. He was Membership Secretary of the Residents Association for Byfleet, West Byfleet and Pyrford before becoming an Independent Councillor for Woking. He was elected as Councillor for seven years and created the Independent group before he retired as Councillor two years ago.

Woking’s current financial crisis has persuaded him to come out of retirement and he is supporting the Green Party as an extra counterbalance to the failed policies of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who gambled with residents’ money in their fight to gain political power in the Council. He has recently criticised both main parties in the local papers and you can read our take on their responses here.

Residents in the Pyrford Ward will suffer for the financial chaos which the two main parties have inflicted on Woking. There is already congestion, pollution, potholes, deficient local services (eg medical), inadequate local facilities (eg shops), increasing parking charges, increasing rates, ugly skyscrapers, cancelled events, worsening sewage, flooding, chaos in West Byfleet – and insufficient accountability.

These and other aspects of life in Woking are now further threatened by the financial problems Imposed on us by the combined policies of the Conservatives and Lib Dems – and it is clear they have no coherent solutions; they prefer to spend their time playing the blame game.

John is our Green Party candidate for Pyrford in the May 2023 elections.

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