As a lifelong Woking resident, I loved playing in nature as a child and was gutted when trees started being torn down and precious green spaces destroyed. Since moving to Knaphill I’ve been keen to do my bit and have created a haven for wildlife in my own garden with hedgehog houses, bird feeders and all sorts of plants and bushes to help nature thrive – and have been encouraging others to do the same.

After a stroke in 2015 left me with mobility issues I’ve been striving for a more inclusive Woking and am passionate about making all places as accessible as possible. Seemingly small things like regular benches along paths and increased awareness of mental health issues can have a huge difference to the life prospects and wellbeing of those struggling in our local communities and we need those with lived experience to be finding solutions to these issues.

Natalie is our candidate for Knaphill in the May 2023 elections.

To contact her, please email