Climate Action

We live on an amazing planet. We cannot take it for granted and must work to protect it.

End discrimination

At the heart of the Green Party is a belief that everyone is equal and all lives have intrinsic value.

Power to the people

We want to make votes matter, reform our outdated political system and empower voters.

A fairer society

The Green Party seeks to deliver a quality of life for all, to each live the life we want.

Aims of the Woking Green Party

The Woking branch of the Green Party was launched in September 2014. Our 4 main aims are:

Long-Term Change

Bring about long-term positive change in Woking by creating sustainable, safe and healthy communities.

Empowering Residents

Empower local residents and local businesses to actively engage with, and change, local politics

Grassroots Democracy

Fight for the ideals of grassroots democracy – giving the local communities within Woking the power to make the decisions that affect them most.

Electing More greens

Get Greens elected into all levels of government to enact real, sustainable change that benefits everyone and not just the few.

Latest news from your local Greens

Below you’ll find the latest articles covering news from your local Green Party in Woking, Surrey and the South East.

The Green Party will offer a fresh perspective on the issues facing Woking, and a strong opposition to disastrous decisions and policies the likes of which we’ve had from the Conservatives – that the Lib Dems failed to oppose. Many of those decisions have led us […]
Woking Green Party is proud to be standing a full slate of candidates in the upcoming elections, giving everyone in Woking the opportunity to vote Green in May. Please see below for the full list of candidates and the wards they’re standing in. Byfleet & West […]
John Bond is a family man who has lived locally for almost 40 years. He was Membership Secretary of the Residents Association for Byfleet, West Byfleet and Pyrford before becoming an Independent Councillor for Woking. He was elected as Councillor for seven years and created the […]

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