The Green Party will offer a fresh perspective on the issues facing Woking, and a strong opposition to disastrous decisions and policies the likes of which we’ve had from the Conservatives – that the Lib Dems failed to oppose. Many of those decisions have led us headlong into the local council debt crisis we’re all now facing – the negative effects of which are likely to be felt for years to come.

Greens nationally have experienced a surge of elected councillors – and are standing a record number in this year’s elections – as they are consistently fighting for and delivering the bold, radical and sustainable solutions required to meet the needs of local communities.

Our lineup of candidates for 2023 is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds including those with experience in business, environmental issues, community engagement, teachers and also includes a former Woking Councillor with experience of leading a group on the council.

We will push to improve local services, counter the climate emergency, protect residents from the cost-of-living crisis, conserve our local environment and engage fully with our community – all while trying to sort out the huge financial mess.

It won’t be an easy task in the current climate and it will need collaboration across party lines, so we want to work with any councillors who are willing to put partisanship aside and work for the good of the community on sensible projects that protect our residents.


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